Stanley Office of Architecture (S.O.A)

S.O.A is a full service architectural studio consciously designing buildings and spaces that are functional, inspired, ecologically responsible, and beautiful.

S.O.A is multi-faceted and versatile, working at a range of scales and budgets. Areas of specialty include: (1) single family homes and condominium buildings, (2) retail, commercial and cultural spaces, (3) home renovations and additions, (4) public space and urban design, (5) art and installations and (6) graphic design.

Wether a budget is large or small, S.O.A takes pride in guiding every Client through the phases of their project while fostering an open Client-Architect dialogue. From the early stages of conceptual design, building permits, and bidding process, to the latter stages of contract management and post construction occupancy, rigorous effort is made to ensure that our Clients’ dreams become a built reality.