Calgary. AB

This project is a 320 sq.ft interior space for a client starting a juice bar business. With little budget for marketing, and being located less than 1 block away from a Jugo Juice, the primary design goal for the store was to differentiate it through a unique and highly visible space. It is simultaneously an architectural project and an excercise in branding.

A lighting strategy which includes the application of custom light fixtures to the walls and ceiling of the space creates and ephemeral and textured environment that is highly visible to the passer-by. These ‘lightboxes’, animated by the corporate logo and menu item information, also become the platform from which a marketing and branding strategy is developed, turning the entire store into signage.

Given the tight square footage of the space, design strategies were also implemented to dissolve the distinction between public space (the sidewalk) and semi-public space (the store). Exterior signage that extends into the store, and a menu wall facing the sidewalk effectively appropriate the public realm of the sidewalk, increasing the revenue generating square footage of the store to include the entire street.

Principal Architect: Marc Boutin, MBAC
Project Designer: Matthew Stanley