Epcor - Jack Singer Lobby Renovation & Masterplan

Calgary. AB

Over the past few years the EPCOR CENTRE has made a number of changes and improvements to its Jack Singer lobby including a Duet stage, washrooms, paint, and lighting. However, this work has been opportunistic and piecemeal; carried out when funds were available without reference to any master vision.

As the EPCOR CENTRE looked toward 2010 and significant changes in its built environment it was clear that subsequent alterations to the lobby should arise from a master vision; and the development of that vision should embrace the inclusive spirit of Project 2010.

Through a stakeholder engagement process, a list of space-by-space goals emerged, with a series of design strategies aimed at acheiving these goals. The design intentionally reads as a collection of smaller interventions, all under a guiding vision for the entire area, to facilitate incremental implementation and phasing of the project.

Principal Architect: Marc Boutin, MBAC
Project Designer: Matthew Stanley